New tools!

It was the annual bookbinding fair in Belgium yesterday! I didn’t need much, just really wanted to get a teflon bone folder as I’ve been jealous of my colleagues in class.. But there was another little thing that I was hoping to find; a polishing iron. They’re quite expensive  to buy new but hard to find second hand..


Then suddenly at a some French stall, I saw this one lying around (and some others). I asked one of the teachers who were there aswel if they wanted to check them out with me so I wouldn’t buy a horrible on. Eventually a teacher specialised in French bindings settled on this one:

It apparently as the same shape as the ones they use in the bookbinding school La Cambre in Brussels, just the shape of the handle is different. She suggested I replace the handle with something that comes closer to the polishing part so I can hold it better (which is a nice job for my dad). And the iron needs to be polished, which I somehow find a bit ironic; a polishing iron that needs polishing.

There was a bit of confusion when agreeing on the price. At first they said it was 20€ (vingt in French). But when I came back to buy it, the price changed to quinze (15). My French isn’t that good so I kept arguing that before it was 20, much to the confusion of the seller and the people around me. Eventually we all laughed it off, or at least I did.


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