Edge gilding

I’ve been a bit absent. Every time I thought about posting something, I was too busy sewing (clothes). Of course, I could show you those results, but then I’d have to make pictures of me in sewn clothing..

I’ve also fallen behind in bookbinding class, but I’ve finally done all of my edges. I chose a golden, graphite and one other thing with beeswax I don’t know the name of in English. Roughly translated it would be an ivory edge. But that sounds weird, doesn’t it?


Don’t they look pretty?

The ivory one is actually done on all three edges of the book. I messed up while sewing and got a bloodstain on the bottom edge. So if I chopped that one off, I had to do all three sides.

There is actually a very small bloodstain on the bottom of the graphite one, but it’s hardly noticeable because the book has lots of pictures in it, that change the colour of the edge anyway. Don’t ask me why I keep on sticking needles in my fingers while sewing.

Now it’s time for headbands! Or maybe pizza and ice cream..


2 thoughts on “Edge gilding

  1. These look great! Edge gilding, or coloring, makes a big difference aesthetically.
    I always wondered though; doesn’t the graphite edge rub off? Even with some kind of wax finishing I would still suspect it to smudge a bit…


    1. It does rub off! You are meant to rub it with your thumb until it stops giving off black marks. And then polish it with one of those fancy expensive things. But mine kept giving off the black stuff. So I eventually gave up rubbing it. I’ve yet to find a way to stop future smudging!

      Putting it on was super fun though! I like it when things become messy.


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