Binding of: English Literature in the Earlier Seventeenth Century 1600-1660 by Douglas Bush (pt. 4)

After letting my book dry for a day, it was time for a little photoshoot in daylight.


Keep in mind that the book isn’t finished yet. I still need to do a lot. Also, the blotches you see on my book are not my fault! It’s just that my calf had some spots. Which is totally ok.


The only thing that I’m not sure about are my headbands and how the leather is attached there. IMG_3729

You can see what I attempted to make here, I’m just not sure if I succeeded. For some reason they were a lot easier to make last year!


My turn-ins are also not my best work. My leather stretched to much that I ended up with a lot more on one side..


At least there is one thing I can still be proud of, my headbands! Aren’t they pretty?


Any advice, tips, critique; it’s all welcome!


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