Binding of: English Literature in the Earlier Seventeenth Century 1600-1660 by Douglas Bush (pt. 1)


For the Monastic binding I chose this book by Douglas Bush. Mostly because I had it lying around and it looked as if it would unbind (not sure if this is an actual word) quite easily. It did. Some minor repairs needed. But it also had the content that would be appropriate in a book bound in leather with raised bands.


I’m not sure what to call this way of sewing in English. If I have any readers who know this, please tell me in the comments! 🙂


These kind of books make excellent models. They pose really well. IMG_9331

This book was immensely satisfying to back. The moment you put it in the press it almost automatically gets in the right shape. I still had to attack it with a bone folder and a hammer, but it was easier than with those little delicate books.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to give this book a primary headband!


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