Practice: Renaissance Chevron headband


I felt a bit sick today so I decided to not go to bookbinding class. I just couldn’t imagine sitting through a few hours of theory. And it had been a long time since my last cup of tea. But now that I got a quiet night at home, I had the chance of practicing another headband. This time the Renaissance Chevron. I didn’t completely follow the book (Headbands: how to work them by Jane Greenfield), I used my teachers advise too.

We started of by wrapping the first/last coloured thread around the beginning and end, that way you never see the white primary headband (which isn’t that properly executed here).


The beginning is done with the first colour you start with. Then you make the cross stitch. But not as far as I did it in the picture. You should try to make the cross right at the end of the wraps you’ve made.


Then you get your second colour and wrap in the same way.


Then when you get to the first colour, make sure you are under the other dangling threads of the other colours, if that makes any sense. Probably not, but that way you get the little beads at the bottom of the headband.


Those beads are a lot cleared when you progress a little more into the headband.


The only real trouble I have with the Renaissance Chevron is that my chevrons get less pointier as I get further. Which is a lot more visible from the back of the book.

Now I should decide which of the three special headbands I want on my own book (that I’ll show in a separate post).

Ps: I use old paperbacks to practice on. Whenever I see a shop have a 3 for 1€ deal, I always check if they have any nice big ones. The only thing I wouldn’t do is buying Twilight or 50 shades books. Even if it’s just for practice.


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