Reassembling the tension assembly on my Singer Featherweight 222K

IMG_3624This is the Singer Featherweight I bought a few months ago in France (for 45€!)
It has some major issues, mostly rust and aluminum oxide. The paint is severely chipped in a lot of places. So we (my dad and I) decided to fix it up first and then strip the paint and redo that. It would be the only way of restoring this little thing.



One of the things I tackled today was the tension assembly. I had to take it apart to clean it and get some of the worst gunk out of it. But when reassembling it, things didn’t go so smoothly. I’ll add a small diagram:


The stop washer kept getting stuck in the holes of the dial. Which makes it impossible to turn the thumb nut and change the tension. Someone on Facebook mentioned the presser foot being up or down. So because the presser foot fixates the tension when it is down, it probably also pushes the stop washer’s finger into the dial holes, making it impossible to turn. So you have to do all the adjusting with the presser foot up. Only using that presser foot occasionally to test if the tension is right. Now I’m not sure if my logic is correct, I just know it worked and that I’m ready to get onto the bobbin case assembly!

Here’s another picture of it complete:



One thought on “Reassembling the tension assembly on my Singer Featherweight 222K

  1. Thank so much for posting this!! I have a “newer” machine (a Dressmaker 265, from the ‘50’s, I think), but my son took the tension assembly entirely apart the other day. 😬. Now I have some hope that I can figure out how it goes back together.


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