New binding of: Pages and Pictures from Forgotten Children’s Books

This is one of the books I made for class. It is a book with fragments and pieces of old children books. Originally published in 1850 or so, but mine is a facsimile from the seventies.

The spine is in red leather. The cat is in wool felt, it looks less worn down in real life. But it does have some beauty problems at the ears and paws. The tail runs through on the endpapers (it wasn’t attached yet when I took these pictures). The cat is also supposed to be the same as the one inside the book (last picture). At first I wanted to do that in leather as well, but couldn’t find good black leather and the one my teacher gave me was really crappy. So I ended up with the felt.

Other things I learned with this book:

– Never colour your spine black with a water based paint. Not smart.
– Protect the headbands better while covering with leather.
– When trimming signatures, pay more attention so you don’t cut off the spine side of it. Very stupid.
– Next time listen to your own gut instinct and not your teacher forcing you to decorate a book.


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