Binding of: Bookbinding and the Care of Books

So I made this book. It is about bookbinding (and the care of books, obviously). It stood in my dads bookshelf for years as a simple paperback, but now it has the cover it deserves.

It’s a Bradel binding with gold foil lettering on the cover (that I only messed up a tiny bit). As endpapers I used this red paper with quite some Art Nouveau feeling to it. And the headbands are light blue with golden yellow. The leather in the back is dark dark blue and the boards are dark brown.

I learned quite a lot of things with this book:

  • Covering the boards is that way with leather is really really dificult because you have to do ten things at the same time.
  • When you sandpaper your spine, try not to go over the headbands, they get fluffy when you do..
  • Try not to get holes in your leather when you’re paring it. And even if you do, don’t just move around the leather on your back, that way you get lumps of thick leather behind your spine.
  • When the hot foil press is too hot, the foil won’t stick right.
  • Single letters or symbols go deeper into the leather a lot quicker.
  • Also, getting your book to stay at the same place while putting a title on it is very difficult.

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